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The Importance of Respite for Family Caregivers .. Feeling Anger When Giving Care

By November 14, 2011No Comments

My brother has been living with my mom since my dad died five years ago. She is legally blind, with advanced Parkinson’s and back pain. He has done a wonderful job of taking care of her. He stopped working, but has returned to graduate school. I live about ten miles away, and have a full time job 40 miles away. I come home each weekend to help out as best I can, but he treats me with intense hostility. I’m afraid of him. He’ll blow up at me, or just refuse to talk to me. He is very sweet to our mother, but I’m really hurt by his behavior. I buy him presents because I know he can’t afford them on his own, but he just hates me. I can’t talk to him…I’m too afraid to. My mom says he’s depressed, but she doesn’t say anything else to him because he’ll get angry at her…… more