Step by step guides to assist in managing your aging loved ones

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The Family Guide to Aging Parents

Hiring a Homecare Worker: What could possibly go wrong?

If you are considering hiring someone to help with an impaired elder in your life, learn the pitfalls and best ways to go about it. There can be serious dangers when you hire a home care worker without any clear way to do it safely. Learn from Registered Nurse-Attorney Carolyn Rosenblatt the best ways and worst ways to do the hiring. Keep your loved one out of danger.
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Succeed With Senior Clients

A Financial Advisor’s Guide To Best Practices
Most financial professionals like you know that there may be issues with your aging clients: diminished capacity, trouble with memory and the like. But do you know what to DO about them? Do you ever get an uneasy feeling that you don’t know exactly what to document or where to draw the line with them?  Now you have answers! This breakthrough, practical book will save you time and give you a clear direction with every age-impaired client.f you think these things don’t apply to YOU right now, remember that 10,000 people a day are turning 70!  We’re living longer than ever and with aging comes age-related risks, loss of independence and sometimes dementia

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Hidden Truths About Retirement & Long Term Care

By Carolyn L. Rosenblatt, R.N., Elder Law Attorney &
Dr. Mikol S. Davis, Psychologist, Gerontologist

First of its kind! This book reveals the truths your clients need to know about the real cost of care in their retirement years. You have aging clients now and their numbers will rise over time. This goes deeper into the risks of needing care, and the myth that Medicare of Medicaid will take care of what most people need as they age. Written by aging experts Carolyn Rosenblatt, RN, Elder law attorney and Dr. Mikol Davis, geriatric psychologist, it offers you a wealth of knowledge you will not find from within your own industry. If you, the financial professional want to add value to what you offer clients and to distinguish yourself from robo advisors, you need to be well informed with the facts any retired person must have.

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