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When you are frustrated with your aging loved ones, you’re not alone

We are here to guide you in creating an action plan to relieve overwhelm, and frustration in not knowing what to do. It’s strategy with compassion for what you are going through. You get effective legal, healthcare and financial solutions.


What are adult children worried about?

Memory Loss

Memory loss and dementia come up very often with’s clients. Memory problems often start out subtly enough that families aren’t too concerned. They dismiss Mom’s forgetfulness as “just normal aging”. When it interferes with daily life, it’s not normal! It can certainly be a sign of developing dementia. She forgets to pay bills. She gets lost on her way home. She isn’t taking her medication. She is easy for anyone to sway in the wrong direction. DANGER! Her health is at stake. Her finances are at risk. Her very safety is in question. If you aren’t sure about what to do, we can help with the expert guidance you need. Don’t ignore these warning signs. The longer you wait to act, the more at risk she is.

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Stubborn Resistance to Accepting Help

Another danger is the extremely stubborn aging parent who needs help but refuses all offers. You’ve tried. You suggested getting someone to come in and help with bathing or cooking or other everyday things. Your parent says, “I’m fine, leave me alone!” Leaving your aging parent alone is dangerous. They are at risk for lots of things: elder abuse, falls, poor nutrition, complete isolation, living in a mess, self-neglect. When you’re not sure how to get past that stubborn resistance we offer guidance. It will help you to have the expertise of a professional, experienced geriatric psychologist to advise you. Know what to say and do with our help.

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Fights With Siblings

Are you having trouble with siblings who are doing the wrong thing or who fight you when you try to do the right thing? Sibling warfare and aging parents are a potentially lethal mix. Selfish, money-motivated siblings can steal from a vulnerable aging parent. Financial elder abuse is rampant. Law enforcement may not be helpful at all! You can take steps to protect your parent but you need to learn what to do. We can offer you the truth about your options. We’re passionate about doing all possible to keep fights from escalating into lawsuits!

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Money Problems

With parents who are not wealthy, running out of money is a real danger. There is no magic government source that will somehow make them safe at home! When your parents’ finances are not good, and care is needed, there are not many options to pay for things to keep them safe. There are legal issues. You don’t want to be ignorant. You don’t want them to be forced into a bad situation they will hate. You don’t want to end up paying for them out of your own pocket! Making plans ahead of time is critical to prevent the worst from happening. Learn your options before it is too late and you get stuck with a burden you can’t afford.

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