Distress Reliever Consultation

If you are overwhelmed or feeling lost about issues with your aging loved one, help is here!

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Crisis Situations Call for Immediate Action

We are here to help you relieve that worry and get an action plan so you can reduce conflict, get through crisis and get answers to your puzzling legal, healthcare and family dynamics questions.


We resolve complex issues.

“Stubborn parents? Sibling fights? You can ask us about anything, There are no “dumb questions”. We’re ready for anything you want to ask.”

Dr. Davis and Carolyn RosenblattFounders of AgingParents.com

Expert Advice

Undivided professional attention on your issue.

Clear Communication

Emails, texts, phone calls and group meetings with family.

Consulting Packages

Two or four hours crisis consulting packages available.

How To Get Started

First, Call Us

Tell us what you are struggling with.

Second, Sign Up

You can pay online or over the phone.

Third, Take Control

Get the guidance you need right now.

Distress Reliever Package

Choose between two or four hour sessions to begin working on solutions and options. Your time can be used in one-hour sessions or two-hour session.

2 Hours - $900

one to two family members


4 Hours - $1800

four or more family members 


A father with dementia

Three sisters were not speaking to each other due to hostile disagreements regarding care of their father who had dementia. We consulted with them over a series of joint telephone conferences and they were able to communicate in a respectful manner for the remainder of their Dad’s life.

An agreement between brother and sister

A brother and sister had gotten into a series of arguments about caring for their mother. Lawyers were involved and it got very ugly. We met with all of them by a combination of video conference, and in-person meetings and worked out an agreement that avoided an expensive court battle.

Financial elder abuse prevented

A family with siblings in 5 different states were in a dispute about one sister, who lived nearest their father who had dementia. The other siblings suspected her of taking her father’s money inappropriately. We helped them by phone conference and they made some rules for everyone to follow, including proper accounting by the nearby sister.

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Have you taken on the burden of managing your aging loved one?

At AgingParents.com we are here to help you...

  • Eliminate frustration, confusion, and overwhelm 
  • Resolve sibling conflicts through family meetings
  • Get you the answers you need in times of crisis
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