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Dear Ms. Rosenblatt & Dr. Davis:… After talking to some of the care managers you recommended, my sisters and I met with Michele B. yesterday. We liked her very much and feel that she will be able to help us set up care for our mother that better meets her current needs. Thank you again the valuable information and advise.

MaryClient of AgingParents.com

My 80 year old mother has early stage Alzheimer’s Disease, yet STILL has very clear ideas of her own! What a pleasure to work with caring professionals willing to make the effort to really listen to her, to her concerns and wishes – as well as advising me in my role as caretaker, healthcare proxy and power of attorney. With the huge workload and responsibilities of care-taking, (plus pressures from both immediate and extended family,) I can’t imagine how we’d manage without the ongoing support and guidance my mother and I receive from Ms. Rosenblatt and Dr. Davis. Thank you, both.

Suzanne C.Client of AgingParents.com

The support and solid advice I’ve been given these last 4 very long years of dealing with a difficult sibling and a dear mother with declining and debilitating dementia helped to keep me able to deal with the many challenges that I’ve had to face. Believe me it is a mine field. With Mikol and Carolyn, it has made such a difference in figuring out and deciding how to proceed and ended up with me realizing my own strength in the process.

Amy J.Client of AgingParents.com

I really didn’t know what to do with my crazy sister. She was making my life miserable. I was so relieved when you told me what to say to her in the letter you helped me write. I was worried that she was going to kidnap my mom and it would be so dangerous with her Alzheimer’s. We finally worked it out, and she isn’t giving us any trouble anymore. Mom is stable now.

Suzanne H.Client of AgingParents.com

Dear Dr. Davis and Carolyn: Your professional and compassionate assistance provided tremendous help to me in pursuing better care for my mom. You were able to listen to all the information I provided regarding my mom’s situation and distill it into a meaningful letter that I could send to various people who oversee the care of elders.

George N.Client at AgingParents.com

My husband has required 24 hour in-home care for the past four years. During this time I have had to deal with many different caregivers and caregiver problems and challenges. Carolyn Rosenblatt has been my legal advisor, employment advisor and counselor. She is a great lawyer, and has an intimate knowledge of the caregiver world which has been invaluable to me. She is great to work with, and I recommend her without reservation.

WendyClient at AgingParents.com

Today I met with Carolyn Rosenblatt and was given an extremely comprehensive consultation. She helped me walk through the many legal options available for me to help my disabled mother and did so in a caring, knowledgeable manner. I walked away knowing I had found the right fit in an attorney and that my money was well spent. I will not hesitate to call on her again! Thanks Carolyn!

Calder G.Client at AgingParents.com

I wanted to drop you a note of thanks and also to send you a photo of Mom, so you could see whom you are helping. I cannot tell you how much your expertise and support meant to me today; I felt as if I was going to collapse. I am confident your direction and insight in this situation will prevent countless horrible problems later. You also provided desperately needed reassurance and, for the first time in quite awhile, I can feel the anxiety dissipating. I have already recommended you to two friends and I earnestly hope they will contact you.

KristenClient at AgingParents.com

The Security Planner, EBOOK
I purchased The Security Planner found that it is a very well-organized workbook that will allow us to ensure that all aspects of my father in laws financial issues will be covered. Very comprehensive.

JDClient of AgingParents.com

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