Family Meetings to Reduce and Resolve Conflicts

When you are fighting with family, find your way to agreements.

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Family Disagreements can be resolved with Our Help

Your stress and pain with your family’s conflicts can end. Get expert guidance so you are empowered to reach effective solutions to your difficulties.


We see things from every person’s viewpoint.

“Even the most difficult parent or sibling can be heard and guided to essential agreements with the rest.”

Dr. Davis and Carolyn RosenblattFounders of

Expert Advice

Undivided professional attention on your issue.

Clear Communication

Emails, texts, phone calls and group meetings with family.

Virtual Meetings

Four hour virtual family meetings via Zoom or phone

How Elder Resolution Meetings Help Solve Family Conflict

We help bring disputing siblings together to work out a solution and avoid difficult and lengthy court battles.

A vulnerable senior’s choices and quality of life are at stake in this volatile battle for control between his adult children. If this has happened or is happening, we can help!

How To Get Started

First, Ask Family

Family members must be in agreement to participate with a neutral mediator.

Second, Sign Up

Pay online or over the phone and attending members sign an agreement all will attend.

Third, Book A Session

Choose a session time that works for everyone. Meet virtually, in-person (safe distance) or over the phone.

The value you will receive

The value of our family meetings is that a neutral outside party can provide expertise to see a solution that you might not think of because you’re deep into the dispute.

What happens after purchase

We schedule a 15 minute “pre-meeting conference” to talk with each family member involved in the conflict. Each person has an opportunity to tell us your view of the issues, individual position, and what you want to accomplish. These are confidential conversations.

4 Hours - $1800

Family meetings via Zoom or phone


This is not therapy

These meetings reduce stress through establishing new rules of engagement.

“There are no "dumb questions", ask us anything!”

Dr. Davis and Carolyn RosenblattFounders of

Family Meeting Success Stories

Resolution made to get a family back on track

Thank you for your time in managing the meeting with our family. While it was challenging at times, it could not have taken place without your expertise and knowledge of elders and their families. You kept us on-track and focused on the facts to reach a positive outcome (we may have never reached a resolution on our own). My younger sister called me and offered to get dad’s list of medications and we’ll be meeting with his physician as well. I also reached out to my other sister so we’re all moving in the right direction.
Wendy Y.

Peace made between two fighting sisters

I really didn’t know what to do with my crazy sister. She was making my life miserable. I was so relieved when you told me what to say to her in the letter you helped me write. I was worried that she was going to kidnap my mom and it would be so dangerous with her Alzheimer’s. We finally worked it out, and she isn’t giving us any trouble anymore. Mom is stable now.”
Suzanne H.

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Have you taken on the burden of managing your aging loved one?

At we are here to help you...

  • Eliminate frustration, confusion, and overwhelm 
  • Resolve sibling conflicts through family meetings
  • Get you the answers you need in times of crisis
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