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Frustration For Families: Law Enforcement Isn’t Pursuing Financial Elder Abusers

Families are frustrated. When someone thinks a person is taking financial advantage of an aging parent, the public message is an urge to report to Adult Protective Services, or equivalent. APS, sometimes called by other names, is a local government entity tasked with investigating complaints about elder abuse and neglect.…
Mikol Davis
November 24, 2022
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Is This A Soap Opera? Aging Mom And Her Live-In Boyfriend

Is This A Soap Opera? Aging Mom And Her Live-In Boyfriend Dementia can disrupt even the coziest living arrangements between unmarried older adults. Cognitive impairment can set your aging parent up for financial manipulation. It’s very convenient for the live-in boyfriend or girlfriend to get into the partner’s bank account…
Carolyn Rosenblatt
April 11, 2022