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Frustration For Families: Law Enforcement Isn’t Pursuing Financial Elder Abusers

Families are frustrated. When someone thinks a person is taking financial advantage of an aging parent, the public message is an urge to report to Adult Protective Services. APS, sometimes called by other names, is a local government entity tasked with investigating complaints about elders. They, in turn can report…
Carolyn Rosenblatt
July 27, 2022
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Correct This Mistake With Aging Parents Before It’s Too Late

Correct This Mistake With Aging Parents Before It’s Too Late Parents often want to be fair with their adult kids and may want to appoint them together on legal documents when they do their estate planning. That means that the adult children will have “equal decision-making ability” on things like…
Carolyn Rosenblatt
April 11, 2022
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Hard Conversations About End Of Life Wishes: Should Young Adults Be Included?

Hard Conversations About End Of Life Wishes: Should Young Adults Be Included? Talking about one’s end of life wishes is typically uncomfortable for most. We think of the subject as one for our aging parents to have with us when they are “old”. We don’t usually think it is a…
Carolyn Rosenblatt
April 11, 2022
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Aging Parents With Dementia: Preparing For The Long Goodbye

It seems that we hear of yet another family facing dementia just about every day at AgingParents.com. We’re consultants in healthcare and legal matters of aging. Adult children, and sometimes spouses, want to understand options about how to pay for care, what to do with sibling fights about their elders,…
Carolyn Rosenblatt
March 21, 2022
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Myth: There Must Be A Great Care Place For Low Income Aging Parents

We hear it all too often at AgingParents.com from the adult children with aging loved ones. They consult with us and want advice about where to find a place to care for the aging parent. They mention that their parent lives on Social Security, or has little savings or doesn’t…
Carolyn Rosenblatt
February 17, 2022
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Elders’ Resistance To Using Technology: Challenges With Mom

Alice was 86 when she lost her tech-savvy husband. He was an early adopter and spent hours on the computer. He managed their money, paid bills online and kept track of their lives with digital storage. He had tried many times to get Alice to take a computer class in…
Carolyn Rosenblatt
January 11, 2022
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Can Your Aging Parent’s Live-In Partner Take Financial Advantage Of Your Loved One?

Dementia can disrupt even the coziest living arrangements between unmarried older adults. Cognitive impairment can set your aging parent up for financial manipulation. It’s very convenient for the live-in boyfriend or girlfriend to get into the partner’s bank account by coaching the impaired one to go the bank and take…
Carolyn Rosenblatt
November 15, 2021
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Three Common Mistakes To Avoid When You Start Managing Aging Parents’ Finance

When your aging parent is no longer able to keep track of bills, investments and money management, someone else must step in. Often the parent has appointed an adult child or other relative to do the job. It can be a lifesaver or it can create explosive conflict and unnecessary…
Carolyn Rosenblatt
November 15, 2021