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Webinar on Successfully Managing Family Conflict
Hello, again.  Carolyn and Mikol here.
Are holiday family gatherings stressing you out?
Learn some proven ways to combat stress from Carolyn and Mikol, psychologist, nurse-lawyer team. Our free, 30 minute webinar is packed with solid advice to help you prevent that headache you always get this time of year.
Whether it’s all the work, specific people or your aging parents that get to you most, we’ve got some strategies to help you handle it better than ever before.
Make this season one you go through in a calmer, smarter way because you have a plan in mind.  Learn it now-you’ll be glad you did.
Click here to sign up.
If this is a problem you are having, remember that is there to lend you a hand.  A brief strategy session to size up your problem is complimentary. Click HERE
May you all enjoy respite from the hectic days ahead and find some time to care for yourself.
Best to you,
Carolyn and Mikol

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