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Is This A Soap Opera? Aging Mom And Her Live-In Boyfriend

Is This A Soap Opera? Aging Mom And Her Live-In Boyfriend Dementia can disrupt even the coziest living arrangements between unmarried older adults. Cognitive impairment can set your aging parent up for financial manipulation. It’s very convenient for the live-in boyfriend or girlfriend to get into the partner’s bank account…
Carolyn Rosenblatt
April 11, 2022
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Three Common Mistakes To Avoid When You Start Managing Aging Parents’ Finance

When your aging parent is no longer able to keep track of bills, investments and money management, someone else must step in. Often the parent has appointed an adult child or other relative to do the job. It can be a lifesaver or it can create explosive conflict and unnecessary…
Carolyn Rosenblatt
November 15, 2021
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Elder Alone: Horrible Case of Neglect and Caregiver Abuse

Your aging parents may be okay right now, but how about other relatives? How about that isolated neighbor who lives alone and has no one nearby? This is a shocking real case we encountered at where we address crises and questions about elders.  The names are changed and the…
Carolyn Rosenblatt
November 11, 2020