How to Handle Money for Aging Loved Ones is a concise book which offers expert advice to anyone who faces the responsibility of taking over managing finances for an aging parent. It can be a daunting challenge to deal with parental resistance, and to keep an elder financially safe. Advice from an experienced lawyer will help families know when it’s time to take over the checkbook. From learning how to approach an elder to knowing what is legal and illegal in handling money for another person, this book will help consumers find confidence for the job at hand.

Being informed about how to properly handle a parent’s money can avoid family conflicts and prevent financial abuse of vulnerable seniors. This is information everyone needs to have, in an easy to understand form.

The author, Carolyn L. Rosenblatt, has the unusual perspective of a 10 year nursing career as well as 30 years as a lawyer. She is a consultant in elder care matters and is a family mediator in elder-related disputes. She is published in national nursing and legal journals, and has written many articles on elder care legal issues. She is active in financial elder abuse prevention.

This book gives any adult child or family member the confidence you need to step in and start handling money for an aging loved one. You’ll get practical solutions on how to do the job legally and with the knowledge it takes. End your worries now and protect your aging parent from the dangers of mishandling or neglecting money and from financial elder abuse.

This book comes in three formats, paperback book, downloadable eBook, or audiobook.

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