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How to Handle Money for Aging Loved Ones ..downloadable E-Book $9.95

How to Handle Money for Aging Loved Ones$9.99boomers3Dvol6sm
Volume 6 of this series gives any person responsible for handling money for an aging loved one solid tips on how to do the job correctly and legally. Don’t know what to do with a power of attorney for finances?

OR order the complete written book

The Boomers Guide To Aging Parents, The Complete Guide$39.99boomers3D
If you have more worries than handling money for aging loved ones, and your aging parent is creating frustration in other areas of life, find answers in The Complete Guide.
You don’t need to stay frustrated with a parent refusing help, resisting telling you basic information or driving when it’s dangerous to do so. If you are at war with your siblings, don’t know how to be an advocate or can’t decide where your parent should live, you can get expert solutions in these 9 volumes. How to Handle Money for Aging Loved Ones is included in this all-in-one series.


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