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“How To Help A Dangerous Older Driver
Give Up The Keys For Good”


There comes a time in every elder’s life that driving is no longer safe for anyone on the road. Whether you’ve already had “the talk” – which may not have gone as planned – or, are just starting to approach this subject with your aging parent, then you are no stranger to how difficult a situation this can be.
What most people don’t realize is that there’s one single underlying dilemma that can make the subject of driving much more emotionally charged than other issues you may face with your aging parent, and I talk about it here:

So what is an adult child to do?
Simple. Get educated and learn the ropes of dealing with your dangerous older driver before disaster strikes and it’s too late.


That’s why I tackle this issue in explicit detail for an entire chapter…
…giving you the upper hand with your dangerous older driver…
…and resolving your conflicts before they start.
…and probably, saving lives…
I reveal everything, including:

  • How to assess an elder’s driving capabilities without them ever knowing! (Hint – This trick alone can avoid hours of long, painful arguments with your aging loved one.)
  • A new (and caring) approach to driving restrictions – so delicately and effective – that slashes your risk of an argument in half!
  • A quick start-up tip for hiring licensed professionals to objectively evaluate your elder’s driving needs – so easy to use – you’ll blast through confusing “qualification barriers” fast and know exactly who to call… right from the start!
  • How to determine the best (and safest) time for your elder to drive! (Hint – This simple secret gets right-to-the-point…and makes restricting your elder driver 10 times easier!
  • How to slowly limit your elder’s driving habits so they don’t feel angry, isolated or alone!
  • How to safely (and easily) increase driving observation of your elders (among family members) before it interferes with your daily life…even if you live across the country!
  • The 7 “secret” aging symptoms proven to botch driving performance…and how to spot these life-threatening “red flags” fast! (Note – This process is incredibly efficient, once you know what to look for…)
  • How to properly select a family “agent” to assist with your elder’s transportation!
  • How to safely plan for what happens to loved ones with dementia (especially Alzheimer’s) when assessing an elder’s driving habits…and how to detect subtle warning signs – even during the confusing “early to middle stages” – that most people miss! (Hint – This incredibly gray area becomes much easier to understand…once you have a timeline in mind.)
  • Relax, knowing you won’t have to “wait until there’s an accident” to realize your elder can no longer drive and experience peace of mind before it’s too late!
  • What little-known sign to look for that uncovers driving incompetence…even if you’re never with the elder on the road! (Hint – This has nothing to do with your parent physically…but you’ll be shocked to discover how obvious – and alarming – this indicator really is.)
  • The Top-3 best times to talk to your elders about their driving disabilities in a natural – and totally non threatening – manner…steering you clear of potential anger and resentment thwarting your good intentions!
  • How to seamlessly communicate respect for your elder’s struggle to give up driving for good…and how to support them along the way!
  • How to find low-cost driving services locally, so that your elder won’t be without a ride! (Note – There are services available in many communities, if you know who to call)
  • The SINGLE most important thing you can do to communicate with your elder without upsetting them…and the worst sin you could ever commit – an unforgivable act that can destroy your relationship!
  • How to determine the best living situation for an isolated elder if transportation isn’t available…and what else these options provide that most people unknowingly ignore!
  • Power Struggles Exposed: How to handle an elder who absolutely refuses to give up driving with this straightforward, 5-Level, step-by-step approach to resolving conflict with your difficult elder for good!
  • How to prevent “ganging up” on your parent when involving a 3rd party, and pave the path of least resistance so your conversation flows smoothly…even if they’ve always felt threatened before!
  • How to find the right professional mediator if things get ugly! (Hint – This is what I do professionally and I uncover lots of “insider” secrets I know…saving you from what may be one of the most heart-breaking conflicts of your life.)
  • The correct way to conduct a family intervention! This hyper-touchy subject can be an explosive nightmare if not handled properly…but you’ll be ready to handle it with confidence, once you learn how it’s done!
  • The 3 most dishonest acts committed by an adult child that – while attempting to help – can inflict trust-shattering emotional damage in their elder’s heart…and how to prevent this from happening to YOU!
  • How to effectively use legal means – as a last resort – while drastically reducing blame, guilt or confrontation! This technique can be your lifeline, helping you NOT be stonewalled when all else has failed and you fear for Mom or Dad’s immediate safety!
  • A last stop legal tactic that gives you full legal control over your parent – if Mom or Dad becomes a serious danger to themselves and others …giving you a secret security plan that very few people really consider. (Note – This topic is explained in critical detail – for 3 pages – to prepare you for this “worst case scenario”…before things get out of control.)

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