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Lessons Learned From Real People

By November 14, 2011No Comments

This is a continuation of the story Lessons Learned From Real People

…legal, or medical decisions for himself, due to the progress of his disease. Jenna knew that it was dangerous for him to make any money decisions. Her father, on the other hand, thought he was just fine. He had always been “a control freak”, Jenna said, and she was worried that he would be furious if she told him she was taking over the finances.

We advised Jenna how to use the power of attorney, how to get started, and what protective actions to take first. We gave her a plan for how to approach her father.

Has this question come up for you? Are you the power of attorney for finances for your aging parent? Get guidance at If you have a question, post it on our site. The most frequently asked questions will be selected for a posted discussion.

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