How to Stand Up For Your Elder in the Health Care System is a concise book which offers expert advice to anyone whose aging loved one must be in a hospital or other care facility, or who has health insurance issues. While advocacy is talked about, few resources exist to help us know just how to advocate for a vulnerable elder.

This is the resource consumers need to deal with complaints in the sometimes intimidating world of doctors, nurses and institutions. From instructions on how to make a complaint to Medicare to how to get what you want for Mom or Dad in the hospital, this book will help consumers find confidence for the job at hand.

A description of how to navigate the bureaucracy without antagonizing others and how to make one’s voice heard on behalf of an aging parent is part of the unique value this book offers. It will enable family members to help keep elders safe in the busy, complex world of health care.

The author, Carolyn L. Rosenblatt, has the unusual perspective of a 10-year nursing career as well as 30 years as a lawyer. She is a consultant in eldercare matters and is a family mediator in elder-related disputes. She is published in national nursing and legal journals

It is available in three formats, as a paperbook, downloadable eBook, or audiobook.

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