How to Handle Family Conflicts About Elders is a concise book which offers expert advice to anyone who faces the common problem of fighting families and aging parents. It can be a daunting challenge to deal with siblings and others who are in stress-causing disagreements about their elders. Few things in life can be more stressful, and many siblings and other relatives often get stuck in their disputes.

Advice from an experienced nurse-lawyer who works to reduce and resolve disputes with families at war will help those who want to find more peace. From learning how to adjust expectations of siblings, to how to best communicate with elders, this book will help consumers find confidence for the job at hand.

Being informed about how to address difficult family issues can help consumers to manage their own stress better, and this unique book can help. This is information everyone needs to have, in an easy to understand form.

The author, Carolyn L. Rosenblatt, has the unusual perspective of a 10-year nursing career as well as 30 years as a lawyer. She is a consultant in eldercare matters and is a family mediator in elder-related disputes. She is published in national nursing and legal journals, and has written many articles on elder care legal issues, as well as maintaining mental wellness.

There is three formats to get this information, paperback book, downloadable eBook, or audiobook.

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