How to Choose a Nursing Home is a concise book which offers a unique combination of expert legal and healthcare advice to anyone who is considering a nursing home for an aging loved one.

From explaining the strengths and weaknesses of popular website resources to advising about how to keep an elder safe in a nursing home, this book is unique. It will give families and elders more confidence in choosing a nursing home when the time comes that this is necessary.

The book addresses many of the worst fears people face when trying to choose a nursing home. One purpose of this book is to help consumers understand the resources for checking the public record of a nursing home. It will help families know what to expect and how they must protect their loved ones in nursing homes.

The author, Carolyn L. Rosenblatt, has the unusual perspective of a 10 year nursing career as well as 30 years as a lawyer. She has worked in nursing homes as an aide and a nurse, and has sued nursing homes for neglect. She is a consultant in elder care matters and is a family mediator in elder-related disputes. She is published in national nursing and legal journals, and has written many articles on elder care legal issues.

You’ll find guidance on the strengths and weaknesses of a nursing home, as well as tips on keeping your elder safe.  This book is available in three different formats, paperback book, downloadable eBook, or audiobook.   

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