How to Take Care of Yourself While Taking Care of Others

Here at, we are concerned about our clients’ health.  We know that aging puts us all at risk for many chronic health conditions, and we understand this firsthand. We’re in our 60’s, and we have an aging parent. At this time, Mikol’s Mom is 91. Carolyn was involved in “distance caregiving” for her mentally ill mother, who passed away at age 84.

We always ask our caregiver adult children if they are managing to attend to their own health needs while facing the numerous responsibilities of being there for their aging parents. We know it’s hard to even find a minute to yourself! Caregivers who have children of their own at home and are caring for elderly parents are probably the most stressed clients we meet. We have heartfelt concern for the well being of these “sandwich generation” clients of ours.

Emotional Support and Health-Wise Advice

We offer suggestions about little ways to clear the mind of stressful thoughts, and ways to avoid unhealthy habits. We offer emotional support and ongoing advice about trying to find a balance between caregiving and taking care of one’s own needs.

One of the things we promote is regular physical activity. We do this ourselves, nearly every day. We post videos at and pins at Carolyn’s Pinterest (insert link) of ideas and illustrations of a healthy aging lifestyle we work on ourselves.

We know it is impossible to be taking care of your parents and your family and at the same time take perfect care of yourself. We just want you to be conscious enough to try, even if it’s just for 5 minutes every day, to do something just for you. We are always here to encourage you.

“My 80 year old mother has early stage Alzheimer’s Disease, yet STILL has very clear ideas of her own! What a pleasure to work with caring professionals willing to make the effort to really listen to her, to her concerns and wishes – as well as advising me in my role as caretaker, healthcare proxy and power of attorney…I can’t imagine how we’d manage without…Ms. Rosenblatt and Dr. Davis.”

Suzanne C.

“I read…“How to Understand the Pros & Cons of Assisted Living” and “Dealing with a Dangerous Older Driver” and found this information very helpful in dealing with my 90 year old mother who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimers…I genuinely felt that I was not alone in caring for my aging parent.”

Judy Taylor

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