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By November 24, 2011No Comments
The Boomers Guide To Aging Parents, The Complete Guide $39.99
The Boomer’s Guide to Aging Parents in large print, volumes one through nine, is a help for anyone who is coping with an aging parent who may be losing the ability to manage alone. Add To Cart
How to Handle a Dangerous Older Driver $17.00
Volume 1 in this 9 part series is filled with practical, step-by-step advice about the older driver in your life who may be worrying you. It explains how to help your aging loved one with the question of whether she should give up the keys. Add To Cart
How to Choose a Home Care Worker $17.00
Volume 2 of our series describes the best way to choose a worker to help your aging loved one at home. The consumer oriented information will keep you from making costly mistakes in deciding whom to hire to help your elder. Add To Cart
How to Understand the Pros and Cons of Assisted Living $17.00
Volume 3 in our series is for anyone who is thinking about moving a loved one or going to an assisted living facility. It clears up some common misconceptions, and helps you, the consumer know what you can and can’t expect from assisted living. Add To Cart
How to Choose a Nursing Home $17.00
Volume 4 in the series helps anyone who is struggling with the decision to place an elder in a nursing home. Besides giving consumer guidance on how to find out the strengths and weaknesses of a nursing home, it provides tips on keeping your elder safe. Add To Cart
How to Find and Use a Care Manager $17.00
Volume 5 of our series explains an important resource for those who need a little help with an aging loved one, or a lot of help. You will learn how professional geriatric care managers can be a stress releiver for families, and how they can be your eyes. Add To Cart
How to Handle Money for Aging Loved Ones $17.00
Volume 6 of this series gives any person responsible for handling money for an aging loved one solid tips on how to do the job correctly and legally. Don’t know what to do with a power of attorney for finances? Add To Cart
How to Handle Family Conflicts about Elders $17.00
Volume 7 of our series provides helpful information to families who are having disagreements about their aging loved ones. Few things can be more stressful, and many siblings and other relatives get stuck in their disputes. Add To Cart
How to find a Good Lawyer for Mom or Dad $17.00
Volume 8 of our series is for those who are trying to help aging parents update the estate plan, as well as find a lawyer when something has gone wrong in the health care system or with insurance companies. Add To Cart
How to Stand Up for Your Elder in the Health Care System $17.00
Volume 9 of this series helps you learn how to be an advocate for your aging loved one when you are dealing with the health care system. Add To Cart