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Book Volume 9

By November 16, 2011No Comments

“How To Stand Up for Elders (And Win)

With Healthcare Giants”

It’s no surprise to learn that elder abuse is probably the worst thing your family could experience as your aging parent encounters mistreatment.

This – above all – is an issue I feel so passionately about that I could not “hold back” any of the tips, tricks, and beat-the-system tactics that I have picked up over the last 40 years…

…suing nursing homes for elder neglect (and making a difference in my client’s lives)…

…while constantly trying my best to stop this unnecessary plague once and for all.

And the rumors are true: This situation is much harder since your elder is vulnerable, but it’s now easier than ever to stand up and make a massive difference in your elder’s life.

Watch this video for more information…

If you ever thought Medicare was a brick wall, think again.

I reveal everything, including things like:

  • 7 Healthcare Consumer rights most people completely ignore that can make-or-break your case against any healthcare provider!
  • How to question medical care efficiently (and effectively) to get the important answers your aging parent needs as quickly as possible!
  • How to appeal to Medicare (and Medicaid) against wrongful denials of medically necessary claims, what to expect, and where to find help you need – All broken down in crystal-clear simplicity – to give you an edge in healthcare insurance warfare!
  • The #1 Thing you must do – right now – that can save you weeks of relentless agony and headaches when approaching Medicare for the very first time!
  • How to seamlessly involve your parent’s doctor to professionally tackle your healthcare heartache on your behalf!
  • How to properly seek legal advice to fight Medicare! (Hint – This knowledge is mandatory for anyone whose parents have Medicare, whether you are currently having a problem or not)
  • How To Slash through the customer service run-around of supplemental insurance companies and get your claims settled fast!
  • How to get help to take legal action against unlawful insurance companies…no matter how complicated the claim!
  • The Secrets Behind “bad faith” – a legal term for an insurance company’s failure to approve a legitimate (and sometimes life threatening) claim – and how to guard your Mom or Dad from this potential insurance nightmare for good!
  • How to deal with hospital staff – from administrators to physicians – no matter how “busy” they may seem! (Note – Your parent’s safe long-term stay in a hospital or nursing home depends on this one, so listen up)
  • How to ask hospital questions with confidence, what to say, to who, and when!
  • Exposed: Nursing Chain Of Command in hospitals broken down piece-by-piece, telling you who to talk to for what reason and how to get help as fast as you can!
  • A simple (and easy) trick for removing all intimidation between you, doctors, and hospital staff! (Hint – This practical “no brainer” is often overlooked by most baby boomers, but you’ll get it here in full detail)
  • A Full Walkthrough for dealing with Discharge Coordinators, Case Managers, Risk Managers, Human Resources, and all other hospital administration (even up to the C.E.O)! Your Mom, Dad, or family will be thrilled at how easily you seem to interact (and succeed) with them all…
  • How to take emotion out of your complaint with hospital staff in a way that they completely respect…and what irreversible disaster it can mean – for you – if you don’t!
  • How to be “pushy” – and get your way – with healthcare professionals without being disrespectful at all!
  • PLUS: Ten quick-start tips to stand up for your elder in the healthcare system with more power than you ever realized you had!