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Book Volume 8

By November 16, 2011No Comments

“How To Hire The Right Lawyer

For Your Aging Parent”

Here, let me let you in on a little “insider” secret that no other lawyer will likely tell you.

The thing is, passing the bar exam has absolutely nothing to do with a person’s ability to communicate with other people. And, when it comes to finding a lawyer for your aging Mom or Dad, (or for you) communication is EVERYTHING.

You need someone you can trust, and after 30 years of practicing law, I can humbly say that I “know the ropes”.

I’ll tell you more in the video below…

I can tell you this…

Not many lawyers I know would bother to tell you as much “behind the scenes” information that you’re about to receive. With this kind of legal fire-power behind you, dealing with elder legal issues will be 10-times easier than ever before!

You’ll learn things like:

  • How to quickly analyze a lawyer’s people skills – especially with elders – PLUS the Number One warning sign that a prospective lawyer lacks the ability to communicate with your parent respectfully in a way he or she will easily understand!
  • 4 Instant “Red Flags” of an under-qualified lawyer that most people overlook completely! (Hint – This will save you heaps of unnecessary problems later once you know exactly how to detect them the very first meeting you have)
  • The Top Three traits of a competent elder lawyer you can trust!
  • The subtle (but painstakingly critical) distinction between “redirection” and “interruption” – a commonly misinterpreted factor that separates the best lawyers from the worst… and what knowing this invaluable information can mean for you and your aging parent’s future!
  • How to tactfully test a lawyer’s manners – This often overlooked aspect of lawyer selection can directly impact the way your parent will be treated…especially when you are not around to see for yourself!
  • How To Establish communication “ground rules” with a lawyer up front! (Note – Most people that ignore this from the start find themselves in a world of confusion and regret…but you won’t have to worry about this at all, once you know what the experts know)
  • The hidden truth behind legal specialization, how to determine if you need a specialist or not, and what each specialization means for your parent’s legal future!
  • Three MANDATORY questions to ask a prospective lawyer that will instantly reveal their ability to meet your family’s special needs…and expose the truth behind a lawyer’s credentials fast!
  • How to approach contacting a lawyer, what is legally required, and where to look for additional information they won’t tell you themselves!
  • How to legally converse with a lawyer over your parent’s legal matters, what is required, and where to find it! (Hint – This previously “grey area” in law will be uncommonly clear, once you know the ropes)
  • How to find a lawyer for estate planning, elder neglect and elder abuse cases boiled down in explicit detail! (Note – Consider all confusion a thing of the past, once you know the “ins and outs” broken down in easy to get simplicity)
  • The “insider’s secrets” to assessing your first contact with a potential lawyer quickly, preventing the wrong choice from being made, and avoiding potential disasters in the future! (Hint – This is NOT at all what you think…)
  • How to thoroughly research a lawyer’s background – exposing any skeletons he or she may be hiding – without them ever knowing!
  • Seven instantly valuable quick-start tips to lawyer selection success!