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Book Volume 6

By December 2, 2011No Comments

“How To Safely Manage

An Elder’s Finances”

Here’s the bottom line:

At some point, your Mom or Dad may (unfortunately) lose the mental capacity to handle their own money and make smart financial decisions.

And its not something that’s exactly “easy” to talk about. Especially when it comes to needing a Durable Power Of Attorney and getting the law involved.

Hear me talk about your financial struggle in this quick video…

As a lawyer, I’ve broken down the legal side of this stuff into easy to digest nuggets of instantly valuable information, but as a nurse, I understand the compassion you must have with your aging loved one in order to make this go as smoothly as possible.

Inside, I’ll show you things like:

  • Durable Power Of Attorney Exposed in explicit detail, removing any confusion on this life changing legal document you might have!
  • How to approach acquiring a Durable Power Of Attorney (DPOA), what is legally required, and which factors really matter to your aging parent the most!
  • The #1 iron-clad necessity for an elder to sign a DPOA…and what impending disasters await you if it’s ignored!
  • How to get legal advice for a DPOA fast and what to avoid if you don’t! (Note – This section is imperative to your parent’s legal future, so listen up)
  • How to help your parent choose the right “agent” for a DPOA…even if you’re not legally involved!
  • A full walkthrough of preparing a DPOA while staying out of court! (Hint – This can make or break your peace of mind, but you’ll never have to worry about that again)
  • How to arrange a family meeting with your parent with as little drama as humanly possible! (Note – Mandatory reading if you want to reduce arguing and anger in your approach)
  • How to determine if a DPOA is even necessary at all! Most adult children miss this completely, but you’ll have the upper hand once you know how!
  • The hidden reality of being the DPOA in your parent’s life, what changes it demands from you and your Mom or Dad, and exactly what to expect ahead of time! (Hint – If you are on the fence over a DPOA, or worried about taking away your parent’s independence, this is a “must read” section)
  • How to assess potential “agents” for your parent easily and remove wrongful candidates fast…so they don’t have to!
  • The legal “ins and outs”
  • How to find the right attorney to prepare your DPOA regardless of your current income level!
  • How to prevent intense family power struggles over DPOA matters, and what to do if they’ve already begun! (Note – Family conflict is far less likely when reading this section)
  • How to stop a renegade DPOA agent from robbing your Mom or Dad blind!
  • How to plan ahead in case your parent becomes incapacitated, what to do, and when!
  • The secrets behind stepping in at the “right moment” and implementing a DPOA before it’s too late! (Note – This can seem terrifying for most adult children, but will be smooth sailing for you…once you know what the experts know)
  • How to know when the last resort of “guardianship” is needed to protect your elder’s finances…even if they absolutely refuse! (Hint – If you have a stubborn aging parent, I’m talking to you, here)
  • How to master the duties of handling money for another person, what you can do (legally and otherwise) as a DPOA agent, and how to tackle this fast and as stress free as you can!
  • How to craft a “Healthcare Directive” and gain legal control over your parent’s healthcare decisions! (Note – This is NOT a DPOA for finances, but can be just as important when you learn how to use it properly)
  • The advantages (and disadvantages) to “guardianship” (also called conservatorship) and how to use this last-ditch legal option to benefit your aging Mom or Dad directly when they are in danger without one!
  • How to find (and hire) a professional fiduciary, where to look, and what to do (and not to do) as you search!
  • The Top 10 quick-start tips for handling an aging parent’s money with as little resistance as humanly possible… starting today!