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By December 2, 2011No Comments

“How To Select A High-Quality

Nursing Home”

When you’re dealing with nursing homes, you’ve got a lot on your plate.

As if searching for the “right” nursing home and dealing with your Mom or Dad’s resistance wasn’t enough, you now have to deal with getting the run-around by dozens (if not more) professionals pressuring you or giving you suggestions.

(Hint – I’ve sued nursing homes before and know exactly the type of treatment you may be subject to get from them)

Above all, you must do your research, which in itself can be overwhelming if you go at it alone. I talk more about nursing home research in the video below…

I’m no stranger to nursing homes. In fact, in my 10 years of nursing, I’ve been in more nursing homes then you’d find in a local phone book.

Since then I’ve learned a great deal that I will share with you, such as:

  • 5 crucial comfort tips to start the dreaded “nursing home discussion” with your parent, what to expect, and how to avoid excruciating arguments! (Hint – This issue can be incredibly difficult for most adult children to face, but will be tremendously simple when you know the right way to approach it)
  • 3 easy steps to safely, calmly, and respectfully overcome resistance from your aging parent over nursing homes…no matter how upset they may seem!
  • The Number-1 thing most adult children are afraid to ask for, but make your nursing home decisions 10-times easier! (Note – Asking this one thing will never seem like a burden… once you understand how, and why)
  • How to let go of guilt holding you back from taking smart (and necessary) action when faced with nursing home decisions!
  • How to eliminate painful confusion from nursing home research online…and a wickedly effective investigation internet strategy that will shave hours off your nursing home search time!
  • How to navigate (and interpret) the top 6 websites for uncovering hidden “red flags” that your potential nursing home may be hiding from you! (Note – Many elders fall victim to these critical problems – if their children are oblivious to them – but you won’t have to worry about that, once I explain it to you in detail)
  • The FIRST thing to look for when visiting a nursing home in person, and why noticing this one thing can prove an instant deal-breaker! (Hint – It is NOT what you think it is…)
  • How to get the “inner scoop” on a potential nursing home fast – even before the first time you visit – without coming across brash and demanding to the nursing home staff!
  • The top 3 questions to ask – that most people completely ignore – which could literally mean serious danger for your mom or dad…how to ask them, what answers to accept, and which answers would make any knowing person fly out the door in a heartbeat! (Note – This is the MOST CRUCIAL part of your decision making process, and if you do not know what to look for, it can create nightmares to come)
  • The dark (yet little-known) secret behind nursing home’s using physical restraints on their patients…and how to instantly know if the nursing home you’re reviewing will treat your parent with the tender care they deserve!
  • The Two most overlooked daily concerns your potential nursing home MUST manage properly…what questions to ask, and the major dangers the “right” answers can avoid!
  • What a good nursing home will do – every day – to prevent physical immobility injuries that can make your parent’s new home a living nightmare…and what else it says about the quality of their healthcare!
  • How to strictly lay down expectations with your new nursing home staff in a cool, calm and collected manner…starting your relationship off on the proper foot and making the move-in process seamless and reassuring for everyone involved!
  • How to make choices when distance is an issue and how to narrow down your options tactfully and without letting your emotions get too involved!
  • Why most adult children get lost making their nursing home decisions, but don’t realize it before its too late! (Note – You will never have this problem, once you know exactly how to make the correct choice…right from the start.)
  • The Top 10 tips that will immediately equip you with the best (and most professional) jumpstart strategy for choosing a nursing home available today – taking away all the “guess work” from the process – and laying out the groundwork for your search, so you don’t have to!