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We are your resource for getting answers to your most challenging questions. In one location, you can find out solutions to healthcare, legal, and emotional health issues.

We offer a minimum two-hour consulting package for providing solutions by phone, in person, or on Skype.

Family conflicts about a difficult aging parent or a problematic family member are extremely stressful. We can help.




Some Examples of How We Can Help You Deal With Your Aging Parents:

Dementia- This creates issues about handling money, caregiving, parent’s resistance, and disputes among siblings.

Work with you to form an action plan, coach you on how to implement it and then evaluate how it is working. We can analyze your complex problems in a unique way and give you the help you need to reduce your stress and create peace with your aging parents and your family.

Interview family members involved in a conflict and conduct a family meeting or mediation to resolve disagreements. Mediations are best conducted in person, but we can also help you by phone or Skype.

Review legal documents such as trusts, powers of attorney and healthcare directives. Talk with elderly parents and everyone involved in the transition of power given by such documents. If you are the agent, coach you on how make the transition and effectively do the job to which you have been appointed.

Conduct psychological assessments for problems such as dangerous elderly driving, dementia and reduced capacity for making financial decisions. We can meet with you after the assessment to suggest what the results show and offer guidance on how to proceed, based on the information obtained.

Visit your aging loved one at home or in a care facility to facilitate the signing of a power of attorney or healthcare directive when there are none of these critical documents in place. We can evaluate the elder for the capacity to sign such documents if doubt exists, and we can provide documentation and/or testing of the elder if needed.

Facilitate a family meeting to discuss where to best care for an elder or plan for end of life. We can help clarify the elder’s values and beliefs and support the agent appointed in how to be an effective advocate for the elder. 

Help you learn how to best communicate with difficult family members when communication has become hostile or come to a standstill. Give you scripts and suggestions to try to help you with your family members and your aging parents.

Suggest how to word communication by email, letter or telephone with physicians, lawyers, caregivers, care managers, and other family members. We can write out sample communications for you if you are stuck and don’t quite know what to say.

We Are Experienced Mediators

We are experienced mediators and offer family mediation to our clients to help reduce conflict and resolve disputes as part of our consultation package. We can conduct family meetings in person, by phone or Skype. We have effectively used Skype video to bring out of state relatives together to work on problem-solving and conflict resolution around dealing with aging parents.

Our Consultation Package

We offer a minimum four-hour consultation package because experience has taught us that less time does not adequately serve our clients. Most of the problems that we are asked to solve are complex and involve a mix of health, legal and psychological issues. A consultation package could be used, for example, on the problem of an elder in the early stages of dementia whose adult children are in a dispute about the type of care Mom needs, who is going to pay for it and who can make the decisions. Meeting with the elder and the adult children, assessing Mom’s dementia status, reviewing which legal documents and plans she has in place and helping the family formulate a strategy going forward, can be accomplished, in many cases, in four hours.

Some of our clients need ongoing help over a few months, so they renew their four-hour commitment. The number of renewals we allow is not limited. Payment for the consulting package is $1,800.00 and can be paid by credit card in advance. A log of how our time is spent is provided to our clients via email.

We also offer a new two-hour consultation package for those families that have less resources and need immediate assistance with their problems. Click HERE to start the process of getting the help and solutions you need quickly.

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