Aging Parents Who Resist Help

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One Daughter, In A Crisis

Georgia was in a panic about her Mom. Mom had always been very controlling, and Dad waited on her hand and foot. They refused to discuss finances or what would happen if Dad could not care for Mom. Then, Dad fell and went from the hospital to assisted living. Mom, who could not take care of herself due to numerous disabilities, was alone. Georgia had to stop working to care for her Mom, who would not even give her daughter the authority to handle her finances for her.

Georgia came to for advice on her difficult aging parents. She didn't even know where to begin, she was so overwhelmed. We met with her for several sessions and developed a step-by-step plan to help her organize her priorities and solve the numerous problems she faced.

Getting Dad and Mom to Sign a Durable Power of Attorney

We reminded her that she could take leave from work under the Family Medical Leave Act to help her disabled parent. We helped her convince her Dad to sign a Durable Power of Attorney. We did a home visit to meet her Mom and during the visit, we got Mom to do the same. We had a standby notary public come into the home at that moment to notarize the document. Now, Georgia had the legal authority she needed to take care of her parents' needs. Eventually, she was able to convince Mom to go into assisted living.

Georgia was ultimately able to return to work, with a solid plan in place for taking care of both of her aging parents. She had much more information, confidence and authority to act when we concluded our work with her than she had when she first contacted us. It was a huge relief for her to know that her parents were safe and that she could move on with her own life.

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