How our services work


Focus on Your Issues

We are your resource for getting answers to your most challenging questions. In one location, you can find solutions to healthcare, legal, and emotional health issues.

We offer a minimum two-hour consulting package for providing solutions by phone, in person, or on Skype. A more comprehensive four-hour package is also available.

Some Examples of How We Can Help You Deal With Your Aging Parents:

Dementia- This creates issues about handling money, caregiving, parent's resistance, and disputes among siblings. We help you find the right approach, the right words and the confidence you need so you can move ahead.

Family conflicts-These can be extremely upsetting and heartbreaking. Family meetings directed with professional outsiders can reduce the stress and solve disputes with agreements. We offer neutral help for all involved.

Difficult conversations-Sometimes not knowing what to say to your stubborn, difficult aging loved one can leave you frustrated. We suggest scripts, words and angles you may not have thought of on your own. We can get you un-stuck.

Financial questions-When an aging parent is starting to lose memory or the ability to manage money, someone needs to step in. Legal documents that may be there can be confusing. We review any legal documents and help you understand what to do with them, who has the power they may give you and what to do if someone is trying to change things like a Power of Attorney, as an example.

Caregiving questions-Many aging parents reach the point of needing help, as they can no longer be completely independent. We help you understand what caregiving is needed, how much it costs, how to manage caregivers, and how to be a good consumer of such services. We also help you with your approach to an aging parent who resists help and gets angry when you suggest it. 

Dangerous driving-Many aging parents are no longer safe to drive but they don't want to give up that freedom. We understand this very well and can suggest practical approaches to get Mom or Dad to give up those keys.

Financial Elder Abuse-Family members are the most frequent abusers of their elders. If you suspect this, find out your options before it's too late.

Our consulting services can be used in increments of one hour at a  time (two-hour minimum).

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