How to Avoid Getting Stuck With Your Aging Parents Bills, Just $49.95.



You will discover that there are many things you can do you may not have thought about before.

You will learn how to head a worst case financial situation off at the pass by being proactive
You will get 3 fail proof strategies for preventing your parents from making choices that will come back on YOU as they get older.
Attending the webinar is getting a big return on a relatively small investment:  you will come away a lot more confident about how to help your parents as well as yourself.
It is worth your time to attend and worth the tuition because you will save so much time over what you would do, without the backgrounds Dr. Davis and Carolyn Rosenblatt have in struggling to find information and put it together.  This is a major shortcut. This is a lot in a nutshell. This is the fast track to exactly what every adult child who does not have very wealthy parents needs to know.

    In this Webinar Event you will learn:

1- The special laws that affect how you could get stuck with your aging parent's bills

2- How elderly parents can pay for care: what possible resources they can tap for help

3- How caregiving financially impacts families, particularly women, and takes dollars out of your pocket

4- How to successfully talk to your aging parents about finances and the questions to ask

5- How to develop a workable strategy in planning for aging parents' care in the future

6- How to foresee communication obstacles and overcome them


This 60 minute Webinar costs only $49.95.