The Seminar: For Eldercare Professionals

Gain the Competitive Marketing in Eldercare Services provides a single, unique marketing and communication tool for elder service professionals. Essentially, it's a ready to use program for those who are pressed for time and working with limited marketing budgets to communicate what they do to prospective clients.The Seminar: For Elder Care Professionals was designed for care agencies, assisted living, care managers, financial professionals and other businesses in the elder care field.

What You Can Do With It

The Seminar allows you to present a high quality, vetted program for your prospective clients, filled with material endorsed by leading national aging organizations. It is all ready to go on two DVDs, complete with power point slides, video clips of experts and real people, a facilitator's manual, talking points, handouts, and more. It is easy for anyone to use, even if you are new in the field. 

How You Benefit:

  • Your prospective clients learn information they need to know and see you as a positive source of a great presentation.
  • You get a 2-disc set, with printable, simple instructions to present a program, including advice on how to attract qualified attendees.
  • You select a date and location, the subject you want to present, and the length you want (1 hour to a series of programs). You advertise it, promote it to your lists of prospective clients and you're set. A beautifully done program is good to go.

What You'll Love About It:

  • You can easily deliver a program that will give your prospective clients genuinely valuable information in a predictable format that delivers expertise from credible people on DVD.
  • Everything you hand out to your audience can be customized with your logo and message.
  • The price is surprisingly reasonable. It's a low cost way to do a very high quality program to promote your business without a direct sales pitch.
  • The content is "evergreen", meaning it applies any time of year to both adult children and elders, answering their most frequently asked questions.
  • It's easy to use. If you are shy about public presentations, you or someone else can read from the script, run the DVD, and follow the instruction manual that comes with it.

Learn More

We offer a quick video to show you some sample clips on what the program looks like. Hear from others who have used it successfully. You can call us for questions, too.  Click here to see the video.

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