If you are stressed, frustrated and at your wit’s end with your family’s conflict, consider getting our help to improve things. We mediate all kinds of family and intergenerational conflicts. Our team approach to mediation means joint expertise in nursing, law, and psychology. 

How it works

STEP ONE:  find out if anyone in your family is willing to speak with a  neutral mediator to help with the conflict. Mediation is completely voluntary. If the answer is “yes”, then you can contact us about setting up an appointment, either in person or by phone or Skype. 

STEP TWO: schedule a phone call with Carolyn or Dr. Davis. During this time we will gather a description of the family problem from you and determine if and how we can help. If there’s a fit, you then decide which family members will pay for our services and how payment will be made. Most people share the cost equally, but sometimes one party pays when not everyone can afford to pay. Services are paid in advance. We accept credit cards, checks, or Paypal payment. The cost for a four-hour minimum family mediation package is $1800.00. Click HERE Now

Once payment is address, we will schedule a time to talk briefly with each family member involved in the conflict, called a “pre-mediation conferences,”  which typically last about 15 minutes each. Each person’s view of the issues, individual position, and goals of mediation are determined. We will honor any requests for confidentiality of information.

STEP THREE: set up a meeting that works for everyone.  Some clients choose Skype video, all over the phone, and some are in-person mediation. We send everyone a description of our services via email and a confidentiality form to sign.  Everything said during this time is private and can’t be disclosed outside the mediation. The only exception is when the parties reach an agreement and solution to the conflict. This agreement is then put into writing that can be used outside mediation if needed. It is like a contract that you are bound to can be enforceable in court.

Families with disputes can work it out any way they choose.  The value of mediation is that a neutral outside party can provide expertise to see a solution that might not be reached otherwise. This happens by guiding the discussion and finding new ways to reach an agreement. We do not tell you what to do. We don’t decide who is right or wrong. We are the coaches and referees who are trained and experienced in conflict resolution and have helped many families going through these painful family fights.  Family mediation is successful at least 80% of the time.  Success is increased by everyone’s willingness to consider the other’s perspective and make changes. 

When family hassle is exacerbated and court action is threatened,  it will surely cost your family much more than $1800. When lawyers get involved, many thousands can be spent.  We’d like to keep you out of the courtroom and empower you to resolve your own family conflicts. We are here to help you. Click HERE Now