How to Find and Use a Care Manager is a concise mini-book which offers a unique combination of expert legal and healthcare advice to anyone who may not be familiar with this emerging resource of help with aging loved ones. Geriatric care managers can be a godsend to stressed families who are trying to help elders from a distance, or with the many responsibilities of their own families and work while simultaneously caring for parents.

From how to understand the kind of help a professional geriatric care manager can offer to how to locate one in an elder’s area, the book will give consumers the confidence to make an informed choice in a largely unregulated field. Interview questions and Seven Tips encapsulate the most important information at the end.

This book will protect both elders and families from misunderstandings that can arise from not knowing a care manager, and from the lack of uniformity in qualifications different care managers often have.

You’ll learn how professional geriatric care managers can be a stress reliever for families, and how they can be your eyes and ears when you can’t be there.

The author, Carolyn L. Rosenblatt, has the unusual perspective of a nursing career as well as over 30 years as a lawyer. Ms. Rosenblatt is a consultant and family mediator in elder-related disputes. She is published in national nursing and legal journals.

 This book is available in three formats, paperback book, downloadable eBook, or audiobook.

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