We Lead By Example

As strong advocates of healthy aging, we encourage others to adopt a healthy lifestyle and work on expanding the number of years we have free of diseases and infirmity.  We have to practice what we preach, that means regular exercise, good nutrition, adequate rest, community engagement and stress management.

We always ask adult children of aging parents, especially our clients who are caregivers, about their own health maintenance and stress management. It can be very difficult with the burden of caregiving to also take proper care of ourselves.

We foster the goal of healthy aging by the way we lead our own lives.

We are both in our 60’s and are regular exercisers. Carolyn took up the sport of triathlon at age 63.  Here’s a short video of Taking Control of Our Aging, her first triathlon experience.

Mikol is a cyclist and spends time on his bike every week. We are conscious every day about our health maintenance, and we encourage others, including our clients, to add regular physical activity to their routines at least 3 times a week.

To foster our own goal of community engagement further, we started a nonprofit volunteer organization, Seniors Resource Forum (www.seniorsresourceforum.com) with a mission to empower seniors and those who care for them through education. We provide community education programs on subjects such as Maintaining Mental Wellness, Know Your Community Resources, and Preventing Elder Abuse.

“Carolyn…helped me walk through the many legal options available for me to help my disabled mother and did so in a caring, knowledgeable manner. I walked away knowing I had found the right fit in an attorney and that my money was well spent.”

Calder Gillam

“I read…“How to Understand the Pros & Cons of Assisted Living” and “Dealing with a Dangerous Older Driver” and found this information very helpful in dealing with my 90 year old mother who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimers…I genuinely felt that I was not alone in caring for my aging parent.”

Judy Taylor

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