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Financial Abuse Of An Elder With Dementia

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An Elder's Sister Tries To Get Control Of The Elder's Money

Beatrice had owned a successful business for many years. Gradually, however as she aged, she started to slip. Then, her husband passed away. After that, things went downhill.  She couldn't see that anything was wrong. She had only one child, a daughter, Jenny. Jenny knew her Mom was not doing well. She and her husband finally did an audit of Beatrice's business and realized that it was nearly bankrupt. Beatrice had given Jenny a durable  power of attorney for finances and Jenny took over. Then, Beatrice fell and broke her leg. She went away to stay with her sister, who lived in another city, until she recovered.

Taking Over as Mom's Trustee

Jenny contacted us when she realized that her aunt and cousin, where her Mom was staying, were trying to get control over her Mom's finances through manipulation. Jenny received clear direction from us as to what to do to protect Beatrice. We advised her regarding what to ask Beatrice’s doctor in order to verify that she was no longer competent to handle her financial affairs independently, due to cognitive impairment. Jenny got the documentation she needed from the doctor. Jenny then took over as her Mom's trustee. She had complete legal authority and following our advice, moved Beatrice’s money into a separate account, where the sister and aunt could not access it, nor trick Beatrice into giving them any money.

A Winning Strategy

The battle over Beatrice money heated up, and we advised Jenny to get an attorney to fight off the efforts of her Mom’s sister to financially abuse Beatrice by pretending that she did not have cognitive impairment. Jenny followed our advice and succeeded. She was greatly helped by the solid groundwork we had helped her lay when the struggle started. She had evidence from her Mom's doctor of 40 years, Beatrice's cooperation before she was manipulated and the necessary legal documents all in place.  It was a winning strategy.