Dr. Mikol Davis, Psychologist

Dr. Mikol Davis has worked extensively with children and families. Over the years as many of his clients grew older, he began to focus more of his time on problems related to aging. He took special training in working with elders and now finds it to be a very satisfying part of his practice.

“In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Davis has firsthand personal experience with aging parent issues. As of this writing, his widowed mother, Alice, is 91. He helps her maintain her independence and manage her home, her finances and her mental health.

“The support and solid advice I’ve been given these last 4 very long years of dealing with a difficult sibling and a dear mother with declining and debilitating dementia helped to keep me able to deal with the many challenges that I’ve had to face…With Mikol and Carolyn, it has made such a difference …and ended up with me realizing my own strength in the process.”
– Amy Jonas

Resolving Difficult Family Conflicts

When his wife, Carolyn, retired from her litigation practice, Dr. Davis joined her in starting AgingParents.com. He has contributed immeasurably to the development of their practice in consulting and in resolving family conflicts. Dr. Davis‘s extensive experience in family issues is an invaluable aid at AgingParents.com. He is an excellent listener and can easily pinpoint the cause of a person’s emotional pain. He and Carolyn, working together, have resolved many difficult family conflicts.

Geriatric Psychologist

When an aging person has an issue with cognitive impairment, the adult children often want to know what the aging parent is still capable of doing or not doing. As a geriatric psychologist, Dr. Davis provides interviews, assessments and psychological assessments, including dementia testing, to answer those questions. For example, if a father who has dementia thinks he is fine with driving, confidential dementia testing can answer questions about his capacity to think, remember and keep track of things. Dr. Davis may recommend no more driving. Likewise, testing can reveal that an aging parent can no longer keep track of finances. Dr. Davis can let the elder and family members know what the assessment and testing results reveal.

Marin TV Host interviews Dr. Mikol Davis and Carolyn Rosenblatt, RN, Attorney, about Elder Care issues in this talk show. Authors of “A Boomers Guide to Aging Parents”, and founders of Aging Parents.com