If your stress level has reached the boiling point, get help right away from our team at AgingParents.com. We are dedicated to listening and helping your resolve your conflicts.

Crisis situations call for immediate action.

If you are not sure where to get started or how to help or protect your aging loved one, this is the place to get the guidance you need. Dr. Davis and Carolyn Rosenblatt are dedicated to untangling even the most complex issues.

What is our distress relief consultation package?

  • You receive four hours of our undivided attention.  The package can be used in two-hour sessions, four one-hour sessions, a family meeting, drafting letters for you, advising you on estate planning documents a lawyer prepared previously or whatever combination works best.  All kinds of communication can be included, such as emails, texts, telephone calls and group meetings with multiple family members.
  • First, contact us to set up your appointment.  You will need to fill out a short form so we can get an idea of the kinds of issues you are facing.  Your credit card reserves time with either or both of us. We will listen to  your concerns, make suggestions, and offer our immediate guidance.
  • Every situation is unique.  We know your conficts are particular to you and your aging loved ones. We are here for you.

Some examples of clients we have helped:

  •  Three sisters were not speaking to each other and had gotten so hostile over the care of their father who had dementia.  We consulted with them over a series of joint telephone conferences and they were able to work it out. They were able to communicate in a respectful manner for the remainder of their Dad’s life.
  • A brother and sister had gotten into a series of arguments about caring for their mother. Lawyers were involved and it got very ugly.  We met with all of them by a combination of Video Skype, and in-person meetings and worked out an agreement that avoided an expensive and exhausting court battle.
  • A family with siblings in 5 different states were in a dispute about one sister, who lived nearest their father who had dementia. The other siblings suspected her of taking her father’s money inappropriately.  We helped them by phone conference and they made some rules for everyone to follow, including proper accounting by the nearby sister.
  • A daughter was struggling having with both of her parents who refused to get any help or sign the legal documents she needed to take charge.  Then her father fell and went to the hospital.  The daughter met with Carolyn and formed an action plan. Carolyn went to the mother’s home and persuaded the her to sign the necessary power of attorney.  Working together, Carolyn and the daughter got it done and there was great relief.
  • A set of siblings and step-siblings were in a quandary about their parents, both with dementia.  Dad was still driving even when his license had been taken away. Mom was a very dangerous driver.  We met with the eldest sibling and formed a action plan for how to get the keys and cars away from the parents.  The plan was complex, and involved many players. In the end, the siblings and step-siblings all worked together, under our direction to accomplish the goal.

If you want help from AgingParents.com to resolve your issues, contact us today and get your consultation package set up.

The cost is $1800.00.  You will get an incredible value from two dedicated professionals with a combined 75+ years of experience, ready to help you right away!

Short Version Distress Relief: For Families that need an alternative smaller amount of services, we offer a two-hour consultation with Carolyn Rosenblatt and Dr. Mikol Davis for $900. Click HERE to start the process of getting the help and solutions you need quickly. The limit of two hours includes emails, reading documents, phone calls and in-person or Skype or telephone conferencing with others involved besides you. Expert advice will get you started and reduce your stress level.

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