A Loyal Daughter Was Accused of Stealing

Terri had always been close to her Dad. She lived nearby and had watched over his health since his stroke left him disabled and he was forced to retire. Her brother lived out of state. He provided no care and visited only once a year. Terri called us in tears. Her father had gradually become more and more paranoid and suspicious of her, although he had no logical reason to be. Now he was accusing her of stealing from him. Her brother joined in the accusations.

Dealing with a Difficult Aging Parent

Terri sought legal and psychological advice from us. She got clear guidance about how to deal with her father. After his relentless verbal abuse, she was advised to resign as his agent on the Power of Attorney for finances. Dad was still legally competent, but had all of the signs of mental illness. Dad then appointed Terri ‘s brother as his agent, and Dad moved to the state where the brother lived. Terri had to deal with legal accusations against her. We spoke with her defense attorney and provided him with critical information on her behalf. Charges were not brought against her in the end. We counseled Terri on how to handle the emotional impact and grief of her situation.

Setting Firm Limits

Terri was contacted by her father many months later. He wanted to return to his old home and have Terri get involved in his care once again. He never apologized for his actions. We advised Terri how to protect herself, what to do when her father attempted to engage with her and how to safeguard her own mental health through this ordeal. She was very appreciative of the combination of legal, healthcare and mental health advice she received.  She was able to set firm limits and prevent a recurrence of the nightmare that her father had caused.

Get a Strategic Consultation

“Carolyn…helped me walk through the many legal options available for me to help my disabled mother and did so in a caring, knowledgeable manner. I walked away knowing I had found the right fit in an attorney and that my money was well spent.”

Calder Gillam

“I read…“How to Understand the Pros & Cons of Assisted Living” and “Dealing with a Dangerous Older Driver” and found this information very helpful in dealing with my 90 year old mother who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimers…I genuinely felt that I was not alone in caring for my aging parent.”

Judy Taylor

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